Knuckles crack, hands hover over the keys … (from 22nd of July, 2009)

Hello friends!

So happy right now, for three main reasons:

1) I got an email from the Editor/s of dotdotdash on Monday night in which they told me they wanted to publish three of my pieces! It made me so joyful to know that they enjoyed my work enough to warrant it being included in the very first volume of their magazine. I feel very honoured, especially since I know how hard the dotdotdash team has been working on this project and the level of professionalism they are pursuing (and if any of you are reading this, THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!). I am grateful and touched that someone believes my little clusters of words won’t detract from what is promising to be a fantastic collection.

2) I finished writing my ‘biographical note’ or ‘bio’. As I recently shared with Kevin E, I really don’t like writing them! Please don’t get me wrong – I haven’t written a whole legion! I’ve only had my work published once before, and so there’s not even really a handful of biographical notes about Erin Pearce out there, yet … which is a good thing, believe me! The thing is they make me cringe. My head thinks stuff like this:

Yay! They want me! They liked it and I’m so happy! Now to write a bio! *knuckles crack, hands hover over the keys … and type* ‘Erin Pearce is’ … no … ‘Erin is’ …wait. Should it be third person or first? Second?! No, you idiot! Fine. First person, then. ‘I like to write and’ … oh, this is ridiculous! Should I write where I was born? Where I grew up? Will anyone care? Will they think I think I’m so good that everyone should care where I was born or grew up?! Does anyone else wrestle with this, or am I the most paranoid idiot-freak around? ‘Erin lived’ … no … ‘Erin lives’ … um. This sucks. Help me. Someone else write something! Kill me now quickly/silently/I don’t deal well with pain!

And then I end up writing a bio like the one I wrote for dotdotdash which says something about how I don’t like writing bios. I think it’s alright. I hope so. I don’t want to seem egotistical, or overly self-deprecating, or boring, or like Ms. Lofty-Writey-Fluffy Head. Ew.

3) I finally changed my bedsheets into those warm flannelly winter sheets. Now I won’t shiver myself to sleep every night! Yay!

Okay … I think we’ve all heard enough from me now. Does anyone else have any writing-related Show-and-Tell? πŸ˜›

Oh, I almost forgot. I’m excited about this month’s Poetry @ Pat’s challenge: collaborations! I’ve gotta co-write a pantoum with Elizabeth Tan and devise a rhyming couplets poem with Alex Kannis all via email!! O_o

Yours (well and) truly,
Erin Pearce


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    I think for most people the hardest part of writing a professional bio is choosing what to put in and what to leave out. Because after all, a bio is supposed to be short. But most of us have done lots of different things in our work careers. How do you decide what to focus on?

    There’s a simple answer: focus on what’s going to be most relevant and impressive to your target reader!

    You see, a bio is not a resume. You don’t have to list everything you’ve ever done. Just focus on the parts that are going to “sell” you to your reader.

    For example, when I wrote my bio for my site, I focused on my technical writing and business coaching background – which is the information that shows that I know what I’m talking about when it comes to writing bios.

    Because that’s what potential clients want to know about me in this context. They don’t really care about all the other types of jobs I have held.

    What I tell customers is that a bio is a little advertisement for you. So think about who will be reading your bio and what you want them to know about you. Then advertise your best and most relevant features!

    • 2

      eRINPEARCe said,

      Thanks for that, Barbra. I appreciate the advice and wisdom! I will certainly bear that in mind the next time I have to write a bio …


  2. 3

    Mel Bel said,

    And then I end up writing a bio like the one I wrote for dotdotdash which says something about how I don’t like writing bios…..

    Don’t you mean like the one you wrote for the reading at Kalamunda library?

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