Novelties (from 15th July, 2009)

I did it!! I finally finished the first draft of my book!

I am careful to write that I have finished the first draft of my book, because I know that there is much, much more work to be done on it … and probably very soon.

However, this is a special night. This is the first time the arc has been complete since I finished the story as the creative component of my Honours thesis last October. I am currently celebrating over a bowl of orange mum chopped up for me while I was putting on some ‘finishing touches’.

And I want to add more ‘finishing touches’. I just can’t help myself. It’s terrible. STEP AWAY, ERIN!!

When I finished my thesis and had it all printed up and bound and ready to hand into the markers last year, I was calling it my ‘baby’ and toting the whole writing/redrafting/blood/sweat&tears as a metaphorical pregnancy.

So it’s funny that this morning (when I was considering how I was very very close to finishing the draft) I had this maternal picture in my head of me pushing my little one on a three-wheeler trainer bike.

And the thing is, I know that I have to let go of my book now and let someone else read it (namely, my sister Mel, Deb, and a few trusted others) … but my hands are still gripping the poor kid’s shoulders! What if he can’t pedal quick enough and the bike tips over? What if he crashes into a tree to brake like my little brother used to? I am preparing myself that I must let go, even for a little while, so that we can see how my kid might fare in the big wide world.

Mel rang me today while she was out with mum. The conversation went like this:

‘How’s the writing going, Erin? Have you finished it, yet?’
‘No … but I have been writing. I just had to go over some things first, and correct something, and rewrite some of the interrogation scene so that it worked with the last part I have to write, but before I write that, I have to quickly write – ‘
‘You’re procrastinating, Erin, aren’t you?’
‘No, I – ‘
‘You. Are. Procrastinating.’
‘Kind of. But these are things I needed to fix …’
‘Okay. But if you haven’t finished it by the time I get home, I will smack you.’

Oh, what a loving sister she is!

Mel was pretty much exactly on the mark, though. Darn.

But it doesn’t matter now. I have a First Draft with my blue eyes and I’m so proud of him … regardless of whether or not he manages to stack it on training wheels.

Eating oranges, and feeling slightly pathetic and surreal,
Erin Pearce

P.S: I got a cheque from Kalamunda Library earlier this week for the reading I did in June. What a blessing! Now I can almost pay for the new brake pads in my car! Hooray!


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