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Dotting and dashing … 4th August, 2009

Alright, does anyone remember that weird story I kept talking about some time back? The one involving detectives/rabbits? No? Well, that’s understandable, and probably for the best, however dotdotdash sent me another email yesterday which said:

Heylo Erin,

We also loved your short story/prose poem ‘The Hare Affair’ and would like to publish it.

I found this both exciting and scary. I did not anticipate that any of my ‘rejected’ pieces could still have a chance at publication, so, of course, I was ecstatic to receive this news. Then again, how awkward! My weirdness is going to be unleashed upon the world after all. This is the first time any of my short fiction/prose poems have been published, so I hope ‘The Hare Affair’ makes a good impression and doesn’t frighten anyone too much … or mess with their heads as much as it did mine while I was writing it.

Huh? A very small bird just beak-butted my bedroom window …

Alright. Stop: Promo Time!

If you, like me, are getting very excited about this dotdotdash business, then today (or tomorrow, or any day until the 30th of September, really) is your lucky day!! I believe dotdotdash are now accepting submissions for Issue 2 of the magazine, so if you have any (previously unpublished) short stories, poetry, creative non-fiction or visual art, visit for a submission form and send them your stuff!

Also, the theme of Issue 2 is ‘ugly’.

Also, the Issue 2 Challenge is to produce a three-panel comic strip.

Awesome! 🙂

Other news … hmm … was there other news? Not really, but I have begun circulating my manuscript, emailing it to trusted readers/feedback-givers etc, which is a cool place to be but still leaves me twiddling my thumbs and feeling anxious. I don’t think the wearyness/fatigue which has been decreasing the amount of time I’ve spent writing recently is a reflection of my interest in writing, or a writer’s block, I think I’m just worn out. Bleurghhhhh … *lolls forward, forehead on keys* bgghfghgnjGGTVFTGYHUJNGbgvfd …

Happy dotting, dashing and … other stuff!
– Erin (is tired) Pearce –


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