Quieter and Louder (5th November, 2009)

G’day, friends!

I just realised that the last time I wrote one of these was just after the launch of dotdotdash Issue One (Quicksand). I guess this was just because things simultaneously got quieter and louder after then …

Things that make life quieter:
– finishing another draft of the manuscript
– waiting for publishers to contact me re: said manuscript
– posting off a bunch of submissions
– being without internet for a whole fortnight(gasp!)
– changing jobs

Things that make life louder:
– borrowing my brother’s iPod
– that weird high-pitched whinging machinery sound that woke me up 2 hours and 15 minutes earlier than necessary this morning
– writing/collecting snippets of thought/dribble/ponderances/haiku for my next zine-thing
– changing jobs

Since I started work in the city, my daily existence seems to have taken on a whole different colour or shade. Or flavour. It’s exciting. I love being in a bookshop, love being around people who love books; it’s a love-fest, really. And I won some money yesterday in the ‘Melbourne Cup Day Office Sweepstakes’ since my horse came third, which was thumbs-uppy and made me grin a lot, much to the annoyance of my new friend Kylie who actually knew stuff about the races, and was the one who bullied me into entering the sweepstakes in the first place, and whacked me on the bum with a mislabelled Y.A. science fiction novel when she found out.

On my first day in the bookshop, I bought a new journal – I’ve been filling it with scribbles ever since. I’ve set myself the challenge of writing something every time I get on the train to-and-from work. Since I am saving for a trip to Israel in January and need all the money I can get, I’m picking up any work shifts I can get, so I don’t have a lot of time at home at my desk right now. I’m actually feeling quite okay about that, because my manuscript is out of my hands and I’m not currently working on a large project. Interim scribbles are better than nothing at all and perhaps something lovely will come out of them …

I got an exciting email from the dotdotdash editorial team the other day; they want to publish some more of my stuff! I’m really very humbled and thrilled to be involved in the project a second time, especially since the first issue was so breathtakingly wonderful. This time dotdotdash would like my creative non-fiction piece ‘Green Ants’ (which I wrote with the magazine’s theme of ‘Ugly’ in mind), and also a short story which is currently untitled since the dotdotdash folks deemed the old title ‘too juvenile despite, or in spite of, the story itself’. I agree with them wholeheartedly and, frankly, was glad/relieved for their reaction to the title. I just haven’t gotten around to renaming anything yet …

Which reminds me, at the kind recommendation of a certain Deborah Hunn, the folks at Subiaco Library have invited me as an ‘emerging writer’ to read some of my fiction on their ‘Writer’s Night’ this coming Monday evening (9th November, 6pm). Richard Rossiter will be discussing and reading excerpts from his new book Arrhythmia which, I’m told, is a collection of short stories exploring desire and what lies beneath the ‘apparently normal, even mundane, surfaces of people’s lives’. I’m a little daunted by this opportunity to read since I don’t yet consider myself to be an ‘emerging’ writer (or should I? When has one begun to emerge, and when have they actually emerged? Can anyone help me with a definition?) I’ve decided to read from the untitled story I mentioned above, so I hope that it’s not met with blank stares of bewilderment and doesn’t detract from Mr Rossiter’s evening. (If it is met with blank stares of bewilderment and Mr Rossiter gets sad, I may have to learn what it means to be a submerging writer fairly quickly …)

If you are interested in attending the Subiaco Library Writer’s Night for either Richard Rossiter or myself, it’s probably already too late to RSVP. The flyer tells me that ‘numbers are limited’ but if you are still keen, and wish to try your luck, you can phone 9237 9222.

Until next time …
~ Erin ‘Train-Scribbler’ Pearce ~

P.S: THIS FRIDAY at the Rosemount Hotel 459 Bar (459 Fitzgerald St, North Perth), the state final for the Australian Poetry Slam kicks off at 7.30pm. It costs only $5 to get in on the slam-poet action … and you might even find yourself becoming a judge! I’ll hopefully be lending a hand at the dotdotdash zine stall, so I’ll see you there! (see WA Slam Heats for more details …)


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